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1991 bianchi

James D. Brittain, P. Fealk, of counselfor the plaintiff. Haskins ; John A. Lydick, of counsel for the defendant. The question presented is whether the plaintiff's wife's automobile insurance policy, which excluded from its optional uninsured motorist coverage injuries sustained while occupying a motor vehicle other than that named in the policy, covered injuries suffered by the plaintiff while riding his wife's motorcycle. The trial court found the coverage exclusion ambiguous, because it was unclear whether a motorcycle was a motor vehicle for purposes of the exclusion, and therefore unenforceable.

The Court of Appeals affirmed. We now reverse. In August,the plaintiff was riding his wife's motorcycle when he collided with an uninsured automobile. The insurance policy on the motorcycle did not provide uninsured motorist coverage. The insurance policy on the plaintiff's wife's automobile did provide such coverage, however.

The plaintiff applied for benefits under that policy, but the defendant denied the claim on the basis of the policy's "other owned vehicle" exclusion, which stated that injuries suffered while occupying a motor vehicle owned by the plaintiff's wife, other than the vehicle specifically named in the policy, were not covered by the policy. The plaintiff brought a declaratory judgment action in Wayne Circuit Court on October 9,to determine his entitlement to benefits under his wife's automobile policy.

Both parties moved for summary disposition. The defendant asserted that the exclusion precluded coverage. The plaintiff claimed that the exclusion did not apply because a motorcycle was not a motor vehicle for purposes of the exclusion. The trial court granted the plaintiff's motion, finding the coverage exclusion ambiguous and therefore unenforceable.

1991 bianchi

The court concluded that it was unclear whether a motorcycle was a motor vehicle for purposes of the exclusion. As evidence of such ambiguity, it cited the policy's use of the term "occupying" in connection with the term "motor vehicle," which it thought could indicate that the latter was intended to encompass only four-wheeled vehicles. The trial court also thought that the defendant's failure expressly to refer to motorcycles in the policy contributed to the exclusion's ambiguity.

Our grant of leave to appeal was not limited. Uninsured motorist coverage is not required in Michigan. Thus, the provisions of the no-fault act, MCL The sole issue is one of contractual interpretation. Specifically, we must decide whether the uninsured motorist protection that the plaintiff's wife purchased for her jeep covered injuries the plaintiff suffered while operating his wife's motorcycle. We agree with the defendant that it did not.

The exclusionary language at issue is contained in part IV of the insurance agreement, entitled "Uninsured Motorists Insurance Coverage," and states:. A number of the terms found in the exclusion are specifically defined in the policy. The term "motor vehicle" is defined in the uninsured motorists section:. The terms "your car" and "occupying" are defined at the beginning of the policy, under the heading "Definitions Used Throughout This Policy":. The lower courts' findings that it is unclear from the language of the exclusion and the supporting definitions whether a motorcycle is a motor vehicle for purposes of the exclusion are best stated in the Court of Appeals decision:.

In Auto Club Ins Ass'n v DeLaGarza, Mich; NW2dwe stated that an insurance contract is ambiguous when its provisions are capable of conflicting interpretations. In Powers v DAIIE, Mich ; NW2dwe made clear that any ambiguity in an insurance policy drafted by an insurer is to be construed against the insurer and in favor of the insured.

While we agree with the Court of Appeals that the other-owned-vehicle exclusion in the policy before us is not a model of clarity, we cannot conclude that it, or the policy as a whole, "fairly admits" of more than one interpretation, even when construed against the defendant.

The uninsured motorists section of the policy broadly defines "motor vehicle" to mean "a land motor vehicle or trailer, requiring vehicle registration," but expressly excludes from the definition five kinds of vehicles that might otherwise fit that description.Sign In.

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Components are Shimao Exage EX. Drive train is 14 speeds 2x7 with downtube indexed shifters. Entire bike has been thoroughly cleaned and all bearings hubs, bottom bracket, headset have been removed, cleaned, greased and reinstalled. All components appear to be original to the bike.

Bianchi Reparto Corse EL, vintage, road/track bicycles, 4 of 10

Alloy wheels c are from Araya and have matching hubs. Gumwall tires and tubes are like new and hold air without any leakage. Cable housings, cables and bar wrap are all new.

This is a one owner bike which was kept in a climate controlled environment. This 54cm frame will be best suited for someone in the 5' 6" - 5' - 10" range. Estimated weight is 23 lbs.

Please feel free to call me if you would like additional information regarding this bike or any of the others that I have posted for sale.

1991 bianchi

Entire bike has been thoroughly cleaned and all bearings hubs, bottom bracket, headset have bee Selling my Bianchi Forza. It's a great old fashioned steel bike with Exage Action parts!

I recently had the bike tuned up and put new tubes on both wheels. The bike is a 56cm so it fits riders best between 5'10" - 6'2". AskingOBO Bianchi Forza, wheels, 14 speed, Like new Roger Really nice Bianchi Forzaready to ride and all working greathas a 23" frame with a 32" stand-over height, very nice riding bike three My Location.

Bianchi Forza 14 spd.Bill Bianchi, now 89, spoke about his lawsuit against Suffolk County that led to the creation of the county legislature, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Half a century ago, Suffolk County government was transformed.

Supreme Court. But the change was not welcome or easy, officials said. East End leaders tried to secede from the county during the transition. Officials staged multiple efforts to dissolve the new legislature.

But over 50 years, the legislature has become known as a model of relative transparency, collaboration and innovative legislation that was adopted by lawmakers around the state and nation, officials said. It has been a launchpad for careers in the U. Congress, State Legislature and town government, and led to only a handful of stints in jail. Current and former legislators say they are proud of the body, calling it a form of government that works.

The fate of county government was changed by a dinner between Bellport neighbors at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan in Bill Bianchi Jr. But the government became less representative as the county grew in population, Bianchi and Block said. Islip Town had aboutresidents and Shelter Island had only about 1, The East End had the same voting power as the five Western towns, even with a smaller population. The lawsuit wound its way through the federal court system, reaching the U. Supreme Court, which remanded the case back to a lower court.

On April 5,the U. Second Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the board of supervisors to reapportion itself. Supreme Court had ruled in a related case that local governments must follow rules of one-person, one-vote.Painstakingly gathered and scanned page by page. Nearly 4 Gigabytes and Thousands of pages. Divided into 6 Separate Archives all included and available for download at one price.

Campagnolo Sales Catalogs:. Sales Catalogs reveal detailed specifications and pictures for use in component identification. With equipment so classic in design, part numbers and model numbers were not used. Proper component identification is essential in insuring compatibility and proper use.

Campagnolo Parts Catalogs:. Parts Catalogs show exploded diagrams of components with individual parts and manufacturer part numbers.

Part numbers often cross-reference to items available on other components and are invaluable when trying to locate replacements. Exploded diagrams are essential to correct restoration and re-assembly. Campagnolo Instruction Sheets:.

Over instruction sheet documents included. Please visit the official Campagnolo website for all current and recent products. Campagnolo is the best source for the most accurate information. Need we say more.

The new 5. Beginning of cross-bike products with flat bar levers. Some old Record carbon moves to Chorus. Some old Chorus moves to Centaur. Veloce introduces 10 speed. Last year of Athena. Introduction of Low Profile Cranksets. Both small A4 folded and large A4 versions of this catalog are included.

This is the last year Components did not have the group name printed on them. It is also the last year some components are still the original C Record design including the crankset, front derailleur, front hub and seat post.

It is also the FIRST year of Exa-Drive, with new chainrings, cassettes, Sachs chains, guided upper pulley and a ramp on the inner cage of the front derailleur. Two different covers were made for the product catalog shown. They were identical inside. Late introduction of Record Dual pivot calipers see addendum sheet.

1991 Bianchi Pista

A few reasons:. There is an identical catalog dated January Trade show in Anaheim, CA. Trade show catalogs showcase the upcoming model year. No updated catalogs for these groups. Sometimes referred to as Catalog Catalog contains exploded assembly views of all components and detailed parts break-down and assembly.

No further Parts Catalogs exist for years after due to a largely un-followed plan for Dealers to request updated pages as needed. Nothing new for Record. Introduction of Chorus dated July Forum Rules. Get the latest roadbike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the Roadbikereview Newsletter.

Login Register. Remember Me? Forum Manufacturer Forums Bianchi Need info on bianchi trofeo. Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thread: Need info on bianchi trofeo. Need info on bianchi trofeo Hi, someone near me is selling me a bianchi trofeo from but i can't find any info on a trofeo other that it is in the bianchi catalog.

Thank you p.

The Bianchi Cup

It was nothing special in from what I recall. What type of riding will you use it for? I normally just do cycling at the gym but wanted to do it outside. Rust would be your biggest concern if it was not taken care of.

If it was repainted than that is a good sign. Don't remember much about the Fuji Club, probably around the same starter performance bike range as the Bianchi. Depending on the Campy, it could give it more value than the Shimano that came on the Fuji. Both would be solid, basic performers, heavy by todays standards but fun to ride. If you get it, have a shop check out the frame alignment to make sure it is straight.

You might have to replace cables, tubes and tires and possibly chain. Check all the metal for rust. If the owner rode it and took care of it you might have a great little bike to start out with. If it is really hilly you might have gearing issues since it may not have a wide range but ride it and find out.

Good luck. Similar Threads Need help with some 80s Bianchi info By Barcham in forum Bianchi. Replies: 3 Last Post:AM. Replies: 0 Last Post:PM. Bianchi Trofeo By yosemitesamiam in forum Bianchi. Replies: 2 Last Post:AM. Bianchi Trofeo By thechemist in forum Bianchi. Replies: 1 Last Post:AM.

Just Bought A Bianchi Trofeo ? By eithr in forum Bianchi. Replies: 23 Last Post:AM. All times are GMT The time now is AM.I'm having difficulty understanding the 'proper' name for this model. Memory tells me that it was the "Pista" as the "Eco" was not used at the time this bike was made.

Can anyone help me with this?

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More Info: This bicycle was purchased unridden with original packaging in June of It apparently had been stored as a fine layer of dust was on it and the bearing grease was original and dry as expected. Added almost 3 years ago by zippy Last updated over 2 years ago. Bullitt says:.

Hey Zippy. Just checked out your "Pista" Very nice. That thing is original. I like the saddle also. Mine got chewed up in an accident on the track. Nice ride!!!!! You take it out to the track at all? I ride it on the street as well within "limits"! Nice I have a 83 Eco Pista and the geo on it is real tight. Are your bikes mounted to a stud or just the drywall?

1991 bianchi

I found out the hard way when one plummeted from the drywall! This bike is unusual compared to others I've seen since every component is original. The bike was obviously never ridden when I picked it up last week! This bike has never been ridden. It is brand new, coated in dust.

The tires remain unglued! Terms of Use. General Discussion Marketplace. Bike History Click a link below to see past stages of this bike. Initial Stage 2.

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