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How to hotwire a dirt bike

How easy is it to hot wire a bike? I will be leaving the bike on a SMALL bike parking lot and will be chaining the top of the frame o a high pole that way people can see if they're messing with the chain. I will also have a disk lock without the sound because the lot is right next to a class UNLESS the dean says it is okay. Can they pour crap into the gas tank? Just insure it and forget about it.

In the early s there was a group of guys that had a truck with a boom on it and it pulled a trailer with high sides on it. They would scout an area for bikes custom Harleys mostly and after dark would go back with the truck.

They would swing someone over the fences and put a sling around the bike, then winch it up over the fence and into the trailer.

Hot wiring a motorcycle: Is it easy?

They would be gone in a short time and nobody knew how they got locked bikes out of the yards. When they got busted they had about a hundred or so in a closed in lot out in the woods so they couldn't be seen and they were under the trees so they weren't seen from the air. Long story short? Locks are made for honest people.

A thief will get your sh! Vandals could, if they chose, damage wiring and pour stuff into tanks — the latter is not a problem that I have encountered or heard of but it is possible — the simplest answer would be to get a locking fuel cap, again not completely secure but should frustrate the kind of dimwit who would pour stuff into a fuel tank.

I remember my first bike and remember feeling much the same way you do now. I use to live just outside of Phila. I remember th worry over the bike. Then I got smart, insured it for full coverage including replacement value on the add ons-like custom paint, saddlebags etc.

I bought and still have the original cut proof and pick proof cobra links chain I had bought and used with it. The cobra links were pick proof and cut proof, the stuff you chained it too, was not nor was the frame of the bike, so bottom line if someone wants to mess with your bike, they will.Forums New posts.

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Hotwire a Dirt Bike

New posts. Log in. Welcome to the Two Wheeled Texans community! Feel free to hang out and lurk as long as you like. However, we would like to encourage you to register so that you can join the community and use the numerous features on the site. After registering, don't forget to post up an introduction! JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Hot-wiring a motorcycle? Thread starter skiphunt Start date May 5, I'm trying to flesh out an idea for a story I might try to write How quick could one be hot-wired and made off with, if you knew what you were doing?

Could it be done in seconds? Not asking how it's done per se, just whether or not it's possible to do very quickly if you know what you're doing. And just how fast it could be done. Meriden Forum Supporter. Joined Jan 22, Messages 5, Location At the back of the pack and out of the dust. Depends on the bike, but try this: Interview with a motorcycle thief.

how to hotwire a dirt bike

Short answer yes some don't even require you to hot wire them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free. Meriden said:. Joined Jun 22, Messages 2, Cough, cough, uh hmmm. Crickets in the background, in 15 seconds your bike is gone from the carport, in under 1 minute I'm riding away with your pride and joy. Need more info? Google I'm stealing your bike tonite Better yet; it's been a while and the season is upon us so here you go originally posted?

I don't even know when I wrote this but it was years ago I'? That got your attention did'nt it! OK This is reply to the "Security"post I'm moving this info over from another website where I posted it last year. Here is My advice for what little it is worth to hinder bike thieves. Hide you bike! If I can't see it I may not notice it! Motion sensor alarm, rotary lock, square link chain to immovable object,BEST!

Park in HIGH traffic areas near front doors main parking area etc.While it is illegal to hotwire a motorcycle, some circumstances can force you to do so. For example, if you accidentally lose your bike keys or forget them somewhere far, you can always hotwire it. Unlike hotwiring a car, to hotwire a motorbike you only need several tools to complete the task.

To know how to hotwire a motorcycleread on for more! What makes a motorcycle run is an ignition. Once you insert the key on its respective hole, the engine is ignited, which in turn switches on the bike. With that in mind, to hotwire a motorcycle, all you need is to initiate the bikes motor a bit. For the process to be complete, you need to get a speaker wire or any other conductive wire. Make sure the wire is about 3 to 4 inches.

This wire is the one that will act as a fake key to switch on the bike. Hotwiring is a common way when it comes to turning on the bike without its keys. The process involves just a few steps. As long as you observe what you are doing carefully, you will succeed. The wires are usually black, green, red or black.

how to hotwire a dirt bike

Once you identify the wires, you will see three wires going from the handlebars. The wires are covered as a single bunch of plastic socket. Make sure you find the socket and use your hands to separate these wires from the plastic socket. You will notice the caps of two natures, one that comes from the cap and the other one that connects the wires. In this case, the only wires that you need are the ones that come from the cap, to separate them from the ones that go to the handlebars.

We are in the most crucial step in the hotwiring process. These wires are the most important in this process and so you need to be careful as you work with them.If you're going to ride a dirt bike, you better learn how to ride it right.

With tips and instructions for both the novice and experienced bike rider, this video covers everything from positioning yourself on the bike to riding over obstacles and uphill. To change a dirt bike tire follow these instructions. First use the crescent wrench set to loosen, and remove the axle bolt from the wheel you are working on.

Then, slide the wheel out of the stays and lay it flat on the ground in an open area. Use the screwdriver to let the a This video will show you how to protect and clean the plastic fenders on your ATV or dirt bike. This is very easy to do and only takes a few minutes. For the low cost of a bag of zip ties, you can easily survive any Snowpocalypses this winter by blizzard-proofing your bicycle tires.

Robbie Morales "Rob-o" teaches you the beginner essentials of riding trails and dirt jumps including tabletops, x-ups, and turndowns.

6 Steps to Removing a Motorcycle Ignition Switch

So watch this to learn how to dirt jump and ride trails MY god, this kid has got range! Watch as he imitates a crap load of different vehicle sounds.

The good stuff starts about 23 seconds in. My personal favorite would have to be his dirt bike impression, around Dirt bike oil change.

Check out their how-to videos on WonderHowTo. Dirt bike or quad oil change. Check out their how-to videos on Wo How to replace a fork seal on a motocross dirt bike. Cartridge type fork, fork seals are easy. Search Rocky Mountain for more Periodically, motorcycle and ATV exhaust system can be rebuilt to maintain the proper performance and sound level expected from the exhaust system.

My experience was with a dirt bike that had an aftermarket high performance exhaust installed. I bought my 99 XR second hand an Getting pulled over sucks, even when you're in a normal car. Just imagine how these teenagers felt when they were pulled over for driving their wooden car without a license!

They also got a citation for not having a speedometer or side indicator lights, but if that's all that' A 7-minute guide to riding off-road in the outdoors. This is designed to keep the riders safe and the forest trails preserved.

Trail riding can damage natural beauty and disturb wildlife if not done with care. Want to learn how to tailwhip your BMX bike? Well, why don't you let Ben Snowden help you out. To learn how to tail whip on the bike, you don't even have to be on a ramp. One way is by l Motorcycle fatalities are on the rise.

Make sure you're doing all you can to protect yourself. Practice good motorcycle safety. If there's one way to get a visceral response from someone, it's bringing up the DMV. Regardless of the reason, whether it's the long lines, disgruntled employees, or just general inefficiency, I have yet to meet a single person who doesn't mind the trip.Motorcycle keys seem to delight in vanishing, but if your machine is of a certain age, getting going again is as simple as a slip of wire and a bit of tape.

Sign Up. Gather Your Tools Your tools may vary, but you'll need a small flathead screwdriver, a few short lengths of wire, some electrical tape, and a wiring diagram, regardless of your model. A quick internet search should produce a serviceable electrical layout. Newer machines may have immobilizers or other theft deterrents that could stymie your efforts.

Zach Bowman. Locate Your Key Switch Connector Follow the wires from your key switch; they should terminate in a plastic connector.

Using your small screwdriver, open the connector to reveal the terminals inside. Your piece of wire can complete the circuit just as well as the key switch. Locate the ignition terminals on your diagram and connect them with the wire.

Some machines may isolate the ignition circuit from other important functions, such as lights or the instrument cluster. You may need to make additional wire jumpers if you want those to function correctly. Finally, tape your connections in place. If they fall out, the bike will die just as if you turned off the key.

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Wiki User First way to do it: You go to the starter of the Dirt Bike that's were you put your key in and you can cut the wires and twist them together. When you're done with that you can just put some tape around them to make it hold. Second way to do it: Follow the wires from the starter until you get to the "connecter".

That's the small plastic thing that makes the engine and the starter connect. Just unplug it, and take a small piece of wire and put in into the two small sockets that there are in the connecter to close the electric circuit.

There you go. How to hotwire a mitsubishi eclipes. Asked in Chevy Impala How do you hotwire a Impala? Asked in Car Rentals Where can one find Hotwire car rentals? Hotwire car rentals can be found on internet and all around the world. If you log in the Hotwire site, they will redirect you to the nearest Hotwire rental center available. Who cares?! Its a dirtbike. They are rated by cc's not horses.

It is not possible to hotwire any late model vehicle. Asked in Air Travel Where can one find hotwire airfare deals? One may find Hotwire Airfare deals at the official Hotwire website. Hotwire has several tools to find the best deal you can for whatever method of travel you prefer, including airline. It is impossible to hotwire an automobile when it is currently running, also it is illegal. You can buy it at a dealership or online. How do I hotwire a ford probe Select the Space Criminal Leader, tap the gold brick, and then select hotwire and the enemy veichle you want to hotwire.

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how to hotwire a dirt bike

He jumped of the ramp with his dirtbike. Hotwire is a clearing house for cheap car rentals. They have a relationship with several different car rental companies such as Hertz and Enterprise. The Hotwire company is based in San Francisco, California. Until recently, Hotwire made an effort to distinguish itself from its parent company.

Recently, Expedia announced a new service to sell 'unpublished' hotel rooms in the same manner as Hotwire. Asked in Motorcycles, Drawing How do you draw a dirtbike?Taking your motorcycle to a shop to have the ignition switch removed can be costly, especially considering that you can do it yourself in your own garage.

Motorcycle owners sometimes become victims of theft and the ignition switches are often destroyed in the process as the thief tries to hotwire the bike. When these are recovered, the ignition switch can be badly damaged and will need replacement.

motorcycle life hack: lost key

With the right tools, you can easily remove your ignition switch. These steps are specifically for the Yamaha R-1, but they can apply to other bikes as well. Park your motorcycle on a flat, level surface with ample lighting nearby. Ideally, set up outdoors if the weather is clear or indoors with a lot of windows or bright lights. Be sure to have your tools close by. Always start by removing the negative terminal wire lead before the positive terminal wire lead, never positive before negative or you could burnout or short circuit the battery.

Loosen the two Allen head, pinch bolts that hold the upper triple tree to the front forks. This is also the large bracket directly above the handlebars. Remove steering damper next if your motorcycle has one. Unscrew the bolts that hold it up on the upper triple tree, but leave the opposite end of the steering damper attached to the frame. Simply just pivot it opposite the triple tree to move on.

Remove the 32 mm nut and washer that hold the upper triple tree to the steering stem, and then pull the upper triple tree and off the stem and fork. Then, trace the original wiring until you locate the connector in your motorcycle. Disconnect the connector by separating the ignition from its wiring harness. Now you can remove the entire upper triple tree and ignition switch from your motorcycle and lay it down on a wide table. Make sure this area is free of clutter so you do not lose any small parts.

It also helps to lay a white towel or sheet on the surface so any loose parts will stand out and be easy to see. Set ignition switch facing down and locate the two bolts that hold it to the underside of the triple tree. The ignition switch may be secured with either one-time use bolts or hex head bolts, but either way it must be removed with a bolt extractor tool.

Gently remove the ignition switch from the upper triple clamp. Finally, you can replace your old ignition switch with a new set and reverse these steps to re-install the device. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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